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Marine Plasma 10x4ml

Marine Plasma 10x4ml

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Skin Type: Dry or Damaged – should be used under your recommended Arbré moisturiser

Suitable for skin with unbalanced acid levels and those that require healing. Marine Plasma is rich in minerals associated with natural healing and is derived from the plasma of marine organisms and plants. Marine Plasma promotes hydration and healing of the connective tissue in skin.

  • development and maintenance of body and nerve tissue
  • stimulation of growth and healing of skin tissue
  • promotes metabolism
  • collagen maintenance
  • anti-bacterial action, antiseptic and germicidal effects
  • oxygen transportation
  • regulation of acid/alkaline balancing pH level
  • transportation of nutrients across cell membranes
  • organisation of connective tissue structure
  • hydration and anti-ageing
Pack of 10 x 4ml intense phials
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