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Fruit Extracts Crème With Avocado 3% 60ml

Fruit Extracts Crème With Avocado 3% 60ml

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A highly active cream formulated using Lactic, Citric and Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), naturally derived from sugar cane, citrus fruits, grapes and milk. Regular use assists in significantly improving the skins texture, elasticity and tone. Assists in reduction in appearance of fine lines, smoothing the skin and evening skin tones for a softer, brighter, younger looking skin.

This light crème is suitable as a home treatment crème, or as an adjunct to a course of Fruit Extracts treatments. It utilises the advantages of three Alpha Hydroxy Acids at a 3% concentration.

  • softer, smoother, brighter, younger looking skin
  • helps reduce appearance of fine lines
  • provides a soothing moisture protective
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